The “Gade” is the name that I have given to the beginning and the end of the longitudinal line that divides the human body in two equal parts. My name is Rene and those who appreciate my work are called “ReneGades” The Gade is the symbol that represents the ReneGades’s way of thinking. 

ReneGades believe in life after birth as opposed to eternal life after death. We believe in worshiping nothing and respecting everything. I became an irreverent controversial and obnoxious artist because there are two kinds of organisms in this world. Humans, who come to this world through the birth canal and Rectumites which come to this world through the Rectum. The Rectumites believe in a supreme being that is on their side when they win wars and athletic tournaments. Rectumites are convinced that a supreme being gives them the right to abuse those who don’t believe in whatever Rectumites believe. 

Rectumites are not to blame for the way they think, they have been indoctrinated to think that way from childhood by their parents. Rectumites recite verbatim archaic laws that they don’t understand and do not follow. These mites are kept away from their own animal instincts and are convinced that they are not part of the animal kingdom. When you talk to them you realize that the lights are on but there is no one home. They believe in whatever they believe because they have been forced. Not a single Rectumite have an opinion that they could call their own.

Rectumites control our government and are constantly killing eachother to gain control over the rest of the population. Individuality is discouraged and blind faith is their idea of a perfect state of mind. Dissenters are perceived as irreverent, controversial and obnoxious, I rather call myself a ReneGade.

“The Fountain of Youth” 
was a dream I had about been born. 
I was floating in this dark oily room, when suddenly I felt like I was falling. 
I started to be squeezed like a tube of tooth paste and finally landed on a shallow creek. 

When I turned around to se where the noise of falling water was coming from, 
I saw this gigantic vulva on the side of
the cliff atop there was a tree with white mango like fruits that I ate for a 
long time.
All around me there were spider plants and in the distance I could see the dessert on the left and snow capped mountains on the right. The dream was so real that 
I decided to make a painting about it. 
I cannot display it because everybody around me thinks hat this painting 
is pornographic.

 “Sex and Violence" was created to explain why it is necessary that artists enjoy freedom of experience. The Gade in the middle of a cross insults Rectumites because they have been trained to recognize the cross as something sacred. They don’t know that the church doesn't’t recognize the cross as sacred because if they did they could not sell it as a trinket. Regardless of how you feel toward the painting, the right reaction to it is to ask what is the meaning of it. Since the painting destroys every reasonable excuse to justify censoring a work of art, the reaction of the Rectumites is a violent one. Rectumites are nothing more than mites trained to perpetuate their miserable life. Sex and Violence reveals their stupidity and leave them no other option but to attack from behind the shield that protects them, ie. Censorship.
“Censorship is the Shield of the Corrupted” 
Our fathers who art in heaven, let us art free on earth. Represents four types of Rectumites that have been killing each other for the control of the world. The Swastika represents the one that has done the least damage to society. The Christians, Jews and Muslims have been killing each other long before Hitler came to power and they are still killing each other long after Hitler disappear. Words like these can not be printed in any publication because we live in a Judeo-Christian dictatorship and it is not to their best interest that people realize this fact. Art must enjoy diplomatic immunity so that artists can say whatever is in their mind without the fear of been punished.

The Truce Symbol 
Unites the four dogmas that are killing in the name of their God and introduces a new notion to the world. With this symbol I said lets unite and praise the only one God that you claim exists. The moment that you call a member of a religious group that worships a particular God you are admitting that there are more than one God. Whatever the situation might be. Lets worship one or lets worship all of them, but please lets put our weapons down. It is useless to say that my God was on my side when I killed your parents. Rectumites rather die than to accept that there is something more powerfully than their God.
 “Degeneration Gap” 
This oil painting was my first oil painting. I needed to learn how to blend skin colors and this image was a simple one to paint. There are actual hairs from my brush in the painting because hair kept coming off the brush and every time that I tried to remove them, I would make marks that didn’t belong. In an act of frustration I tried to eliminate as many brush hairs in the palm of my hand as possible. Then it hit me that this part of the body has hair. From that moment on the challenge was to mix the oil color with the hair without leaving clumps of it in parts and no hair on others. It is by far the most controversial painting because the Rectumites have been trained to recognize the pubescent genital of a girl as a dirty picture. Only a Degenerate would paint such a Gap.

 As I was walking in the streets of SoHo in a rainy day I came across a wet peace of fabric on the side walk.The wrinkles hit me like a ton of bricks. With black lines I could paint the illution that a canvas was wrinkled. I went home and called my friend Annie and told her that I wanted to photograph her wearing nothing but a wet striped cloth. Annie said “Go Ahead” I spent a whole day with annie and what a day it was! The Rectumites would think that only a low life woman and a pervert would think of creating such a painting, specially for a married man like myself. Annie is a dear friend of both my wife and I, she is a great artist dedicated to her craft. Sex was the last thing in our mind.
"El Cid” 
I hear with an accent. I came across an avocado seed that had the looks of a woman’s back side. I did not think that I could paint it but to my surprise, it came out pretty good. The problem was now that I never took in consideration the background. Not knowing what to do, 
I painted an apple around it and called 
it El Cid.

“My Melon Color Baby” 
Translation -My melancholic baby- 
Given that I was now into seeds 
I came up with this imaginary fruit.

The word nudo means knot in Spanish, series of knots could be called nudismo, but nudismo means nudity and since the models appear to be in a state of nudity The nudismo word fits the art to a T. The nudismo became a whole ball of wax for me. Every time that something interests me I develop it into a work of art that is as surprising to me as it is to the beholder. The nudismo form of weaving became a solution to join elements for which there is no bonding agent. From it I got a pattern for my fabrics, I can make furniture, the list is endless.

“Mott’s Apple Juice Can” 
I discovered that the original Mott’s apple juice can had a very suggestive half apple in the label. I decided to paint it in a realistic way. Since I had connections with nude women magazines I thought that they would be interested in using the phenomenon to their advantage. The Village Voice, Playboy, swank, Oui, High Society and many more took turns at jabbing the establishment. Screw magazine even used it as their cover. Mott’s responded by changing the label a year later.
“Original Sin” 
I decided to turn the notoriety of the Mott’s apple juice into a show. I carved 
a series of oversized apples, painted them and  made posters of the can’s painting. 
It was a very exiting year for me. 
The wood carvings and the posters 
sold like they were going out of style.

“Dirty Drawers” 
After so many years of trying to get a show at the Venezuelan Consulate, finally one day they invited me to be part of a group show. By then I was not bitter and did not care for their recognition. I thought that I would show them my anger by submitting this underwear that I painted for that  ocation. To my surprise, this brazen act prompted the Consul General to give me a one man show. His conditions were that I would not include in the show anything about Politics, sex, or religion. I agreed and presented a successful show called Nudismos. During the show I remained on a platform that I built and addressed the audience in tongues. In other words I made a full out of myself. When the Consul General asked me for an explanation I said. When you take religion, sex and politics out of a human being  you are left with an idiot.