-like barb wire-protect the property but it doesn't obstruct 
the view.."
Nudos in Spanish 
means knots.
I call a series of 
 knots Nudismo. 
In English nudismo means nudity.
...Nudismos allows me to create living sculptures...
It was hard for me to separate the art that I created into categories; One creation lead into another. My wife was interested in Macrame and her interest in it didn't last long. Since I don't like waste of any kind, 
I could not see her throwing all that string away; I kept it to experiment. One day I had to throw some left over pieces of wood and I could not do it because the pieces would puncture a plastic bag. I was raining a cardbord box will fall apart. The only solution was to tie them together in a bundle. The pieces were very small and I had to tie them one by one to each other. the outcome was a sculpture that looked  like a ship entangled in fishing nets. Later 
I found  out that a ship a the bottom of Boston Harbor was an ecological disaster. The abandoned nets from fishermen whose nets were caugh on the sunken ship continued killing fish that got entangled 
in them.

The repetitive act of tying all those pieces 
of wood forced me to meditate and  a new form of art was born. The first piece was called The Ghost ship. It came to mind that I could use pieces of wood and weave them together to form a shape but the result was not what I had in mind. I called the secund piece, Miss Construed- she was the last of its kind. The knots that I used to make these two pieces gave me the idea of using life models to create living sculptures. These knots allowed me to weave very closed in order to hide body imperfections and leave open those areas that the model wanted to expose. I was able to ift the breast, separate them, join them, and create a body shape out of living flesh.

It was not hard for me to create these living sculptures.The hardest part was convincing these models that I was not doing this just to fondle them. I was lucky that my wife trusted me in this endeavour. My line to convince these women to stand nude in front of me while I tied them was
"A mistress will tolerate a wife but not another mistress. If I convince you to pay heed to my amorous advances you will forbid me to do this to other women. I have nothing to gain and a lot to loose." This line and my wife's trust that I would not stray made this form of art a reality. 
I am gratefull to these women who were tolerant enough to allow me to experiment on them. In the begining -as always- I did not know what I was doings doing.