I warned you about the side effects of reading this web site, but I know that you can’t resist. Most people wouldn’t admit that they know who I am. I had my own gallery at ground level in SoHo for 26 years and despite the fact that I was surrounded by the so called Blue chip Galleries and they all knew me, not one of the owners put a foot in it. The art critics never mentioned my name, not even by accident. I knew their game and I felt sorry for them. I understood their position; they had to make a living out of whatever the blue chips galleries were selling. If an art critic would dare mention my name by accident, he/she would not be invited to Andy’s birthday party. Now that we are no longer around, who knows what the hell are they passing as art?

I am Mother Nature’s Ambassador. Mother Nature communicates with me in the form of inspiration and my duty is to translate these messages into a transcendental language so that everyone can understand them. Art is that transcendental language and drawing is its written form. When I came to the US I was able to support myself and learn English by drawing. This experience led me to the conclusion that drawing is the most important of all forms of education. Without drawing there would be no writing, without writing there would be no academic studies. Letters are the drawings of sounds. If we can learn to write we can learn to draw. We are born with a natural ability to draw but not with a natural ability to write. Am I writing to fast for you?

Art allows us to communicate with the illiterate, those that don’t speak our language and future generations. Art is the basic means of communicating. This is why I am convinced that censorship is the shield of the corrupt. When you want to feed the hungry, you want everybody to know it, but when you want to abuse the hungry then you don’t want anybody to know it. Freedom of expression is paramount to artists; one cannot take in consideration, when creating that whatever we create could offend. One cannotcreate and follow rules. Censorship is the antithesis of education. Only the stupid, the moron, the corrupt get offended by looking at a work of art. 

Self-censorship is slavery perfected. We have reached a point in our “Civilization” when we are afraid of creating anything that could offend dwarves, blacks, Jews, homosexuals, etc. The only people that we can offend without fear are the Jehovah Witness. Offending someone is the easiest thing for me, you can be sure that offending you are not my intentions. Believe me when I tell you that you would be the first to know –without a doubt- if I was trying to offend you or the group to which you belong. I have too much class to lower myself to the level of someone who derives pleasure by merely insulting.

I lived like a criminal, hiding the fact that I like to see naked women. As an adult I came to understand that it was not me who was sick –as I was led to believe- it was society and their religious beliefs. I decided to investigate why there was so much animosity toward women and came across a startling revelation. Men are afraid of the power that women have over them. Men who want to control other men cannot compete with this power. Their solution to this problem was to vilify women and sex.

There are only three reasons why a man would not like to see naked women. Because he is a homosexual, he has some mental or physical problems or he is a hypocrite. I decided to disclose this revelation and encountered a lot of opposition from the mediocre. I made it my life dedication to abolish censorship and I was able to do it.  You might not know that I liberated art from censorship because you were too busy buying unsigned posters of Ricky Martin when he used to sing for Menudo. Mother Nature told me to adopt the image of the female organ of reproduction to put her message across. 

I renamed that image as the Gade and defined it as the beginning and the end of the longitudinal line that divides the human body into two equal parts. It is the purest image in existence and if you believe in God you could not deny that he/she created it. If you call it pornography then you are calling your God a pornographer. I placed this image on a cross and call the painting Sex and Violence. The Gade was created by God to give life to Jesus and men to kill him created the cross. My question to the pope is. Which of the two images is the sacred one and which is the profane? Which one of the two represents God and which one represents men and their corruption?  If a painting of a Gade is called pornography, then every painting of any flower is defacto pornography. Flowers are the female sexual organs of plants. 

 I paint a portrait.."
"...then I search for someone who resembles that portrait.."
"..I cannot copy anything including my own creations. Everything I do is based on dreams and pure inspiration. All my creations are 
 One- of a -Kind.

99% of the time I don't know what I am doing or understand what  I'm trying to say.."
Fountain of Youth
El Cid
My Melon Color Baby
Celestial Gates
Apple Juice
Original Sin
My First Supper
Undressed  Form
Dirty Drawers
E Bomb
Sex and Violence
Blue Genes
Nudismo II
Art is what  I consider my escape from reality. It bothers me when people say that they know what I'm trying to do.
If  I could be accussed of anything is 
that I am an 
Idiot- Savant, 
perhaps, more 
of an idiot than 
a savant.
Degeneration Gap
Coat of Arms
"If it wasn't for pornography 
I would be a pervert"
My name is Keith Myeth. 
I am Rene’s historian I was left in charge of creating this web site. At times you will wonder if Rene is still alive. This is due to the fact that his art is transcendental. For the purpose of this web site you can believe whatever you wish. Dr. Blank decides the order in which Rene’s writings will be placed.