Albert Einstein said, “Great spirits will encounter violent opposition from mediocre minds.” I wanted to help others enjoy their short time here. The feeling could be compared to watching a child run after a ball into the street. I doubt that someone could see this and not feel like saying something to the child and then say something else to the adult caring for that child. It doesn’t take visionaries to see that something tragic could happen to someone who runs into the street without looking. I am surrounded by people who are constantly defending why they rush into things without thinking about the consequences. They say that I worry too much. 

My father said “I rather have a son who hates my guts but is a respectable man, and not a son who loves me from a penitentiary. This man taught me how to observe, listen and wait until it was my turn to talk. He would say “Don’t criticize, just ask questions and 
learn as much as you can”

An Arabian proverb says. “If someone calls you an ass you ignore him but if everybody calls you an ass, you better buy a saddle. Everybody thinks that I am a self-centered egomaniac who thinks to know everything and could care less about other people’s feelings. Yes, I love myself and I would not know what to do without me. I am full of myself and love to be by myself. I love to think, observe, listen and I ask too many questions. I love to learn so, shoot me! 

Someone said, “No man is an island” I say, no man is an island until he needs help, then he becomes a deserted island. It is my experience that people will do you a favor when they can not when you need them. 

I thought, observed, asked, listened, and listened and listened and when it was time for me to talk no one wanted to hear what I had to say. Some claimed that it was easy for me to talk, others told me to get a life, many said that I gave them a headache, some even suggested that I go back to wherever I came from. And these were my “friends” No one wants to hear the truth and then they get mad when
 you lie to  them. 

As an artist I just create whatever comes into my mind. Most of the time I don’t know what I am doing, much less understand what I am trying to say. I am the kind of artist that first paints a portrait and then looks for someone who resembles the portrait. This is why I dislike it when people tell me that they know the reason why I created whatever happens to irritate them. It is like accusing someone of mal intent for relating a dream. I write my dreams in a notebook that I keep by my bed. Once I wrote. Mr. Wilson was disorganized, and as he entered the emergency room he said, “I want to be remembered” I never understood what I wrote, it made no sense to me. It was not until 10 years later when I red the note again that I understood the significance. Mr. Wilson had his organ cut off –disorganized. As he entered the 
emergency room he wanted his member 
to be reattached –remembered. 

Monkeys don’t see their own tail. Those who wish they had something to say resent those who do. Hypocrites resent the honesty of others. The guilty resent the innocent, The stupid, the wise, the dull, the talented and so on. I was fortunate to be the son of a father who wanted his son to be perfect, I was just finishing what he started, polishing his creation. My wife is the one to blame for all this. If it was not for her I would not be who I became. She spoiled me to death; she gave me everything I wanted. She made my life perfect. Thanks to her I never had to ask for anything twice or kiss anybody’s ass to get it. 

This note was given to Rene’s historian 
Mr. Keith Myeth. Authorized to be posted 
by Rene’s therapist, Dr. Blank. 
Questions should be directed to Mr. Myeth.

Rene  1948
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Soho  1976
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