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Rene decided not to continue working  on  his art. This is the meaning of his design  “( )” a parenthesis between quotations. 

Dr. Blank, due to Rene's  fragile mental state advised  him to severe all contact with society. He left in charge of sorting his art and his writings to Dr. Blank and to me,  Keith  Myeth.  

This website is under construction, we will be publishing what we find as we find it. Some of  the content is confusing and it paints Rene with a brush that is rather disturbing for those who didn't  know him. 

There are contradictions and misspelling that change the significance of the sentences, like occasion and location, learn and lear,,bean, being, been.  Bear with us and if you are really disturbed by what you read remember that we warned you at 
the beginning. 

This web site will make your brain function and at times will tax it.  You could experience,nausea, the vapors or go into a premature  menopause. These and other symptoms are normal for human beings that  have not used their brain for a long time, due to their blind faith in their government and their God.  

Before you take  any action, take a deep breath,  let your brain do the thinking,     your fingers do the writing and then your eyes do the reading. Contact us if you don’t like what we are publishing here.   We will be more than happy to answer your questions to the best of our abilities. The amount of work that he left behind is overwhelming. 

There is no need for you to get your panties in a bunch. You did not care about his art or what he said when he was alive so there is no reason for you to be bothered now.  Perhaps if you cared about him and explained your points of view, he would have learned more from you.